Manhattan Scientifics and Metallicum’s Nanometals

Who is Manhattan Scientifics? Manhattan Scientifics (OTCMKTS:MHTX) is a technology incubator that seeks to acquire, develop and commercialize life-enhancing technologies in various fields, with emphasis in the areas of nanotechnology. They are currently focused on two opportunities: a nanostructured metals technology (Metallicum), and a nanoparticle-based technology that provides highly sensitive cancer detection (Senior Scientific). MHTX trades as […]

Cientifica: A Graphene Investing Company?

In 2002, a company called Cientifica published the first edition of ‘The Nanotechnology Opportunity Report’, described by NASA as “the defining report in the field of nanotechnology.” Part of the report contained a 240-page directory volume profiling the 455 public and private companies that were said to be working on nanotechnology at that time. While nanotechnology […]

More About the World’s Largest Nano Company OCSiAl

In a previous article, we highlighted the acquisition of Zyvex Technologies by OCSiAl in what was said to be the creation of the world’s largest nanotechnology company. While our previous article looked into more details about Zyvex, this article will examine the acquiring company, OCSiAl. About OCSiAl While not winning any awards for catchiest company name, OCSiAl was started in […]

The World’s Oldest and Biggest Nanotechnology Company

When George W. Bush signed the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act in 2003, it wasn’t too long after that before investors began driving up the price of any stock that contained any variation of the word nanotechnology. In a previous article, we highlighted 6 companies that used the hype surrounding nanotechnology to burn […]

Nanotechnology Combats Laser Aircraft Strikes

Aircraft laser strikes are a growing problem in the aviation industry. A laser strike happens when an individual with a laser pointer directs the laser at the cockpit of an in-flight aircraft. In theory, this sounds very difficult to accomplish, however it is a problem serious enough to draw the attention of the United States […]

Amazing Aerogels: All About the Aspen Aerogels IPO

Aerogels are one of the world’s most exotic nanomaterials, but just what are they? The below description of Aerogels was taken from Aerogels are non-toxic nanoporous materials that have the highest thermal insulation value, the lowest density, the highest specific surface area, the lowest refractive index, the lowest speed of sound and the lowest […]

Graphene Company Haydale Debuts IPO on AIM

In past articles, we discussed the first graphene IPO, Applied Graphene Materials, in particular, their strong share price performance and need for revenues in the face of strong competition from privately held graphene producers such as Angstron and Vorbeck. One other graphene company, Haydale, debuted an IPO this week on AIM. About Haydale Graphene Industries Haydale […]

Organic Quantum Dots from StoreDot

In past articles, we have highlighted a number of companies looking to find commercial applications that utilize the superior properties of quantum dots. One such company, publicly traded Nanoco, is looking to mass produce quantum dots for use in displays. Another company we highlighted is Nanosys which produces cadmium based quantum dots for use in energy storage and displays. Similar to Nanosys, […]

Applied Graphene Materials Needs Sales

Earlier this week, Applied Graphene Materials (LON:AGM) filed their interim results for the six months ended 31 January 2014. Presently, AGM’s shares are at $8.06 per share nearing their all-time high of $8.54 per share giving the company a market cap of $135 million. The company had insignificant revenues during this period of $2,535 compared […]

Fulcrum’s Genetically Engineered Nanocomposites

According to a March 2013 report from Lucintel, the global composites industry has experienced moderate growth over the last five years but is anticipated to gain momentum, reaching approximately $34.1 billion in 2018 with a CAGR of 5.1% over the next five years. According to a July 2013 report by Transparency Market Research, the demand for nanocomposites in […]