Meet the Companies Doing Energy Storage for Space Travel

It seems everyone is chasing Elon Musk’s dream of electric vehicles in every garage, even as investors bet against the success of Tesla (TSLA) through short selling its stock. A big part of Musk’s strategy seems predicated on taking control of key parts of his supply chain, with energy storage obviously playing an outsized role. […]

Skeleton Technologies and the Future of Ultracapacitors

People cannot help but be attracted to cult stocks where the story becomes more important than the basic principles of investing. Charismatic leaders seem to be a necessary ingredient for cult stocks lately, as both Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic (SPCE) and Elon Musk’s Tesla (TSLA) reached new highs last month as millennial investors piled in. When stocks […]

Supercapacitors – A Brief Overview for Investors

Elon Musk has dedicated a huge chunk of resources (not to mention a large area of the Nevada desert) to lithium-ion batteries, but even he thinks supercapacitors are the future of energy storage technology. Supercapacitors – also called supercaps or ultracapacitors – are similar to batteries in that they store energy through electrical charge and […]