The Long Road to Graphene Commercialization

We're all familiar with the concept of Gartner's Hype Cycle which says that any given disruptive technology will experience a great deal of hype before everyone forgets about it and real progress starts being made. As technologies progress through the cycle, business models change, and leaders often end up becoming laggards. - the evolution of 3D printing being a great example of this. As adoption can take a while, we like to check in about once a year - at a minimum - to see what's happening for any given technology. Imagine our surprise when we realized that it's been more than two years since we last wrote about graphene in our article titled What’s Up with Graphene Stocks? Remember Graphene?

We're not going to repeat the miracle properties of graphene. The whole "put a sheet of cellophane on a pencil and make an elephant stand on it" thing is interesting in the same sort of way that we find the Mandela Effect interesting, but it's not something investors have been able to make m...

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