Nano Coatings

Modumetal, NanoSteel, and Nano-Metals

Last year we spent time in the Caucasus drinking cheap wine, scouting technology startups, and trying not to offend the Azerbaijanis by speaking too highly of the Armenians. (And vice versa.) During that visit, we ended up on the nightly Azerbaijani news talking about startups. First question out of the gate, “what is a startup?” […]

Waterproofing Electronics Using Nanotechnology

The premise of nanotechnology is that once you start looking at things smaller than 100 nanometers, you’ll notice that the normal rules of physics don’t apply. This means that you can start manipulating things to your advantage, such as creating materials that have superior properties. One desirable property is called “the hydrophobic effect” which means that a material can […]

Lotus Leaves Inspire NanoMech’s Tufftek

One of the potentials of nanotechnology is that when working at an atomic level, we can start to understand how various elements work together and can then alter them in order to create elements with superior properties. One place to look for innovative ideas as to what can be achieved with nanotechnology is in nature […]

Waterproof Your Phone with Europlasma Nanocoating

In an article last year, we highlighted a company called P2i which is looking to commercialize nanocoating technologies developed by the UK Ministry of Defense. P2i had some impressive demos showing their hydrophobic technology used on smartphones which would allow them to function while submersed in water. Another nano coatings company with a nanocoating technology platform […]

Self Cleaning Surfaces by NanoTouch

The use of nanotechnology to create materials that exhibit unique properties is appealing to investors. One company developing nanotechnology-enabled surfaces that are self-cleaning and that reduce microbials is NanoTouch. About NanoTouch Virginia based NanoTouch is a company that started out 3 years ago with the two founders, Dennis Hackemeyer and Mark Sisson, having an idea to develop a continuously […]

From Ceramics to Nanotechnology (CTLE)

When evaluating the potential of disruptive technologies, it is equally important to caution investors as to what they may not want to invest in as it is to make them aware of potential opportunities they may want to invest in. In a previous article titled “The Dangers of Investing in Over The Counter (OTC) Stocks“, […]

P2i Leads in Hydrophobic Nano Coatings

When nanotechnology became a mainstream term around 2004, one company was a very visible provider of nanotechnology solutions that consumers could purchase at department stores nationwide. Nano-tex was the first company to market nanotechnology solutions for textiles in the form of pants that were said to be more stain resistant than anything else available. A […]