A Guide to Investing in Graphene Stocks

You’ll often hear us use the term “trying to find the next Microsoft” which refers to investors who are looking for that one exciting get-rich-quick stock as opposed to doing it the slow and boring way with multiple stocks. Warren Buffet didn’t accumulate his wealth investing in exciting stocks, it’s the boring old dividend growth […]

7 Tracking Technologies for Supply Chain Transparency

On our first road trip to San Francisco we headed straight to Haight-Ashbury, the birthplace of 1960s counterculture and one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. We were hoping to score some LSD, and within about five minutes of arriving at the famed intersection we bought a sheet of acid from the first […]

4 Ways Nanomedicine Can Diagnose Diseases

There’s a time in our lives when we start going to more funerals than weddings. Friends start complaining about aches and pains. They can’t remember stuff as well as they could. Diseases like cancer start picking them off like a sniper in an action movie. It’s no wonder that our recent series on “When Will […]

A Nanotechnology IPO From Selecta Biosciences

Nanotechnology was all the rage back in 2004 when George Dubya Bush signed the Nanotechnology Research and Development Act and investors caught wind of a potential opportunity. This, of course, prompted us to start Nanalyze as we were dying to figure out how we could get a piece of that nano action as retail investors. […]

Liquidia: Joseph DeSimone’s Nanotechnology Company

In May of last year, we published an article titled “What if 3D Printing Was 1000X Faster” which talked about a 3D printing company called Carbon 3D which is looking to completely disrupt 3D printing with their technology that “grows” 3D objects from a pool of liquid resin. The speed at which current 3D printing technology […]

Investing in Nano Catalysts with QuantumSphere

We’ve covered plenty of over-the-counter (OTC) companies in the past and have pointed out many red flags for investors to consider. The fact is that a majority of OTC companies fail and this is not due to some “short conspiracy” but rather the constant stream of big promises, usually in the form of press releases, […]

Perpetuus: The Second Largest Graphene Producer

Graphene is a material with remarkable properties that has attracted the attention of starry-eyed investors who are dreaming up all kinds of potential disruptive applications such as advanced materials, solar cells, touch screens, and 3D printing. Quite a number of “graphene producing” startups have popped up including the first graphene IPO last year from Applied Graphene Materials […]

Things Are Not Well at Nanosphere (NSPH)

In September of 2013, we highlighted Nanosphere (NASDAQ:NSPH) and their promises of high margins for a technology which uses gold nanoparticles to develop clinical diagnostic tests that are two to three times as sensitive as those commonly used in hospital today. Based on the discoveries of Chad Mirkin, Nanosphere’s benchtop Verigene System allows for simple, low cost, […]

Magforce: The Nanomedicine Company

In a previous article, we highlighted Nanobiotix (EPA:NANO), a company that saw their share price increase nearly +200% in the past 12 months on the back of their nanoparticles that are injected into tumor cells and then interact with X-rays to maximize the effect of radiotherapy. While Nanobiotix expects that their technology could be CE marked for sale in […]

Is 2015 The Year for Bind Therapeutics?

In August of last year, we highlighted a nano drug delivery company called BIND Therapeutics (NASDAQ:BIND), a company with strong pharma partnerships and an experienced management team. While BIND Therapeutics hit a 52-week low this week, about one-third of the way through today’s trading day we see that BIND is up over +11% with volume […]