A Guide to Investing in Graphene Stocks

You’ll often hear us use the term “trying to find the next Microsoft” which refers to investors who are looking for that one exciting get-rich-quick stock as opposed to doing it the slow and boring way with multiple stocks. Warren Buffet didn’t accumulate his wealth investing in exciting stocks, it’s the boring old dividend growth stocks that will make you wealthy. Still, we always find people gravitating towards the big exciting stories – like graphene.

Over the years, we’ve written around 30 articles looking at graphene companies across the globe. Today, we’re going to summarize all these pieces into a single guide to investing in graphene based on what we learned researching the topic over the past seven years.

What is Graphene?

In 2004, two scientists from the University of Manchester, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, discovered a novel carbon-based nanoparticle called graphene for which they received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010. In order to produce graphene, you start with graphite, and then peel off a single layer of carbon atoms.

Credit: ResearchGate

The inventors of graphene actually placed adhesive tape over graphite to peel off layers of graphene, but the process is more complicated than that if you wish to produce a uniform product.

Once you have produced graphene, you t

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