Gene Editing

Synthego and Synthetic Guide RNA Explained

Nobody could have possibly predicted what we all recently witnessed in awe. Some people reacted with hope and optimism, others with fear. Could things really have gotten to this point? Could anybody have predicted that society would be in the situation that it sits today? That a giant orange blob would be the focal point of nations around […]

Investing in CRISPR: Which Gene Editing Stock to Buy?

We’ve talked before about gene editing and a technique called CRISPR or CRISPR Cas9 that allows us to start changing DNA such that we can do useful things like create nanobots or eradicate inherited diseases. A while back we highlighted 7 companies playing in the gene editing space and at the time we wrote that original […]

Ginkgo Bioworks – Nanobots Are Finally Here

We recently wrote an article about how we need to redefine what “nanotechnology” means in the context of looking for “nanotech” companies to invest it. When you can use synthetic biology and gene editing to change the way that bacteria function by genetically modifying them, the result is microscopic biological machines. These tiny biological machines sound a whole lot like the […]

Genetic Engineering in Humans on the Germline

We now have 3 genetic engineering companies that have had an IPO and which you can now invest in; Editas Medicine (NASDAQ:EDIT), Intellia Therapeutics (NASDAQ:NTLA), and CRISPR Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CRSP). Sure, they’re involved in “gene editing” but the label of “genetic engineering” is much more appropriate for this article because we’re going to talk about something that […]

Zymergen – Synthetic Organisms Built by Robots and AI

When you read about what some startups are doing these days it seems like you’re reading a sci-fi book. Earlier this year we published an article titled “3 Companies Building Nanorobot Companies” and we talked about using software, robots, and synthetic biology to engineer synthetic organisms (essentially nanorobots) that can be used to create efficiencies. According to BCC Research, […]

Deep Genomics Applies Deep Learning to Gene Editing

In yesterday’s article, we talked about the 3rd gene-editing company getting ready to IPO, CRISPR Therapeutics. While gene editing is an incredibly complex technology, the whole idea behind it is actually quite simple. You can use gene-editing technology (read about the three main types here) to edit a gene and then start changing the way […]

A Third Gene Editing IPO from CRISPR Therapeutics

We’ve talked before about an exciting new technology called “gene editing” which is a tool that enables synthetic biology. Out of all the disruptive technologies out there, gene editing is perhaps the most mysterious at the moment. We’re not really sure what cool things we can do with gene editing and (listen up investors) we’re […]

The Intellia Therapeutics IPO – Editas vs. Intellia

In a recent article, we talked about whether to invest in gene editing or synthetic biology. The answer is, you can easily invest in both of these disruptive technologies by simply buying shares in just two companies; Intrexon (NYSE:XON) and Editas Medicine (NASDAQ:EDIT). Just last week however, things heated up a bit with Intellia Therapeutics […]

Invest in Gene Editing or Synthetic Biology?

The big news this past week was something so significant and remarkable that it should have been the topic of conversation at every water cooler everywhere. While Microsoft’s AI bot tweeted out racial insults to anyone that would listen, and the circus of U.S. presidential election candidates exchanged even more schoolyard insults, a genius named Craig Venter […]

Twist Bioscience: Manufacturing Synthetic DNA

DNA is often thought of as your unique signature, like your fingerprint but on a whole different level. Mainstream crime shows have all but popularized DNA, mainly in the context of identification such as “we found your DNA all over the scene“. While 99.9% of your DNA is the same as every other human, the […]