Intellia Therapeutics Stock vs CRISPR Therapeutics Stock

June 25. 2022. 8 mins read

When you’re managing a portfolio of tech stocks with a limit on the number you can hold, you need to start making difficult judgment calls. Perhaps you find two compelling companies addressing the same theme and you need to pick “the best one.” This is the Palantir vs. C3 problem. Or you might be holding multiple companies that address a single theme because you were incapable of picking a winner and took the spray-and-pray approach. That’s where we’re at with our three gene-editing stocks.

Our goal has been to revisit our gene-editing holdings to make sure we’ve placed our bets appropriately. We started with a list of 27 gene-editing stocks and reduced it to five names. We then kicked Editas Medicine out of bed because of the AbbVie falling out and their inability to keep a leadership team intact. In their place, we put Beam Therapeutics, a firm that has plenty of irons in the fire and clearly defined milestones with the Pfizer relationship. Now we’re left with three companies to look at – Caribou (CRBU), Intellia Therapeutics (NTLA), and CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP).

We’re not interested in spending much time on Caribou because we don’t invest in companies that small. Sure, that $357 million market cap might double when they release data

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