A Complete List of 27 Gene Editing Stocks

Synthetic biology is the single most exciting technology we know of, but execution has been problematic. From Intrexon to Zymergen, synthetic biology stocks have punished investors for believing that harnessing the most powerful technology known to man – nature – was going to be easy. While we couldn’t be more excited about the potential of Ginkgo Bioworks, we’re on the sidelines and proceeding with extreme caution.

A great pick and shovel play on synthetic biology is gene editing which provides a crucial tool for humans to change the recipe of life to accomplish all sorts of things. When the academic pioneers of this craft began taking their startups public, we were in no position to determine which company had the best technology and intellectual property (IP) to protect it. Nobody else could for that matter, since there’s been an ongoing battle over who owns the rights to select gene-editing technologies. Today, the landscape has changed, and it’s time for us to reconsider what stocks we should be holding for sufficient exposure to a technology that lets mankind play God.

Investing in Gene-Editing Stocks

The way we approach any exciting technology is to find out who the leader is and invest in them. Leadership is usually determined by market share, and revenue growth is a great proxy for determining who is capturing the most market share at any given time. The problem with nearly all gene-

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