UTHR Stock and the Xenotransplantation Thesis

Oftentimes, we’ll come across a promising investment thesis that’s sailed through most of its life without accomplishing much. (Graphene anyone?) While some investors bet on carbon-based nanomaterials transforming the entire materials industry, others looked to new engine designs that might disrupt the automotive industry.

We’ve covered at least half a dozen companies trying to reinvent the gas engine, a promise that always seems to attract retail investors in droves because the value proposition is so easily understood. (Scuderi Group is probably the best example ever as to why retail investors should never invest in securities that don’t have liquidity.) An equal number of inventors have read our articles on new engine design startups and offered up their own ideas. These days, it seems like institutional investors are moving beyond better gas-powered engines and looking for better electric-powered motors.

Another thesis investors seem particularly attracted to is a futuristic area of life sciences known

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