Beam Therapeutics Stock: A Leader in Gene Editing Tech?

June 17. 2022. 9 mins read

Don’t invest in stories. Don’t invest in a company before they have meaningful revenues. Don’t invest in drug developers that have a great deal of regulatory risk. These are all rules we need to break if we want exposure to a technology that allows mankind to start playing with the recipe of life – gene editing.

After evaluating 27 gene-editing stocks, we were left with five names. Editas Medicine (EDIT) was then shown the door in much the same way their Chief Medical Officer was this past February. That was just one of many C-level positions that have come and gone for a company that’s behind the eight ball with one of their lead candidates – EDIT-301 – at least relative to the progress being made by CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP). The other Editas lead therapy – EDIT-101 – is making slow progress after their pharmaceutical partner backed out. Given we have a limited number of positions in our tech stock portfolio, there’s also an opportunity cost associated with holding Editas Medicine. So, we exited our small position and replaced it with Beam Therapeutics (BEAM).

About Beam Therapeutics Stock

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