Cognitive Computing

An Artificial Intelligence Definition for Beginners

All-natural and organic are familiar terms to consumers, and anything artificial has become anathema to many. Unless we’re talking artificial intelligence – or AI – then investors should be hungry to learn as much as possible about a technology that is becoming as ubiquitous as organic tofu. The vast majority of nearly 2,000 experts polled […]

Big Data Privacy and Why You Should be Concerned

Big data privacy is a topic that is becoming increasingly important as the methods we are using to accumulate big data are becoming more sophisticated. The term “big data” has now become a catch all term that refers to the proliferation of massive sophisticated data sets that we can now analyze using new tools like deep learning. Through analyzing big data, […]

Cognitive Scale – Cognitive Computing in The Cloud

Everything is about cloud computing these days. In fact, there is such an emphasis on stuffing all your applications into the cloud that we’ve managed to create a situation where now we’re having performance issues. So then the tech world came up with another concept called fog computing which means we take everything out of the cloud […]

Artificial Intelligence vs. Deep Learning vs. Big Data

Computing was some pretty exciting stuff for those of us back in the 80s who still remember the first time we booted up our 386DX. That’s right, the “DX”, not the “MX”. While nobody could really say what the advantages of the “DX” were, better at math or something, we still ponied up the extra $200 […]

Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Vicarious

Artificial Intelligence Many disruptive technologies have been first thought up by science fiction writers whose technology inventions were only limited by their imaginations. One of the most pervasive themes in science fiction has been the portrayal of computers or robots that demonstrate artificial intelligence or AI. Perhaps the most publicized form of artificial intelligence at the moment […]