Cloud Computing

Netapp: Is It a Growth or Value Stock?

Growth and value are words thrown around by some investors who don’t understand the significance of these labels. For over three decades, companies like MSCI (MSCI) have been slicing and dicing the universe of global stocks into categories like value and growth using objective measures. A stock can exist in both a growth and value […]

Hashicorp: A Play on Cloud Computing Growth

There are a handful of investment themes that almost mandate participation because the potential opportunity is so large. Any total addressable market (TAM) upwards of $500 billion deserves some attention because it’s just too big to ignore. NVIDIA believes AI chips represent a $600 billion TAM, and last year they captured less than 5% of […]

Investing in Cloud Computing. Any Growth Left?

Just five companies in the world are worth more than a trillion dollars. Of those, four are tech firms, and three are the largest cloud computing providers in the world with a combined market share of around 65% – Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Referred to as “hyperscalers,” they’re all experiencing tremendous growth while targeting an […]

Investing in Big Data with Data Center REITs

Andrew Carnegie once said that 90% of millionaires have achieved their wealth through owning realty. Americans better hope that’s the case, because the lower the income of a homeowning household, the greater the share of its wealth coming from homeownership. According to the historical Survey of Consumer Finances data, that pattern has remained consistent over […]

What Does Databricks Do and Why Should Investors Care?

Nanalyze has been writing about big data since, well, it became big. While the term has been around since the 1990s, it really hit the big time about 10 years ago. It refers to extremely large and unwieldy datasets, which can be analyzed to reveal patterns or trends, often related to human behavior. Big data […]

9 Technology Trends You Should Know For 2021

We often tell our MBAs not to try and predict the future. That’s because when you’re right, nobody will notice, but when you’re wrong, critics will crawl out of the woodwork to point out what a moron you are. The best thing to do is take someone else’s predictions and carefully critique them. Then, you’ll […]

A Big Bear Thesis for Ali Baba Stock

“China is more prosperous than before. The people have better lives but they are not happy and confident because the scars are still there.” Those are the words of Jung Chang, an amazing human being who wrote one of the best books you’ll ever read – Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China. In her book, […]

Why Warren Buffett is Buying Snowflake Stock

The best way to learn how to swim is to jump into the deep end of the pool and figure it out as you go along. That’s how most newbie investors enter the world of investing. Open a brokerage account, Google “best stock to buy,” follow some Foolish recommendation, panic, then drown. Rinse and repeat. […]

How to Invest in The Amazon of China

It’s always a good laugh hearing the D&I charlatans talk about “Asians,” as if that’s an appropriate way to group nearly 60% of the world’s population. There are actually five distinct regions in Asia containing 48 different countries. One in four people on this planet is from Southern Asia, hailing from places like India, Pakistan, […]

Techion’s Microscope in The Cloud for Parasites

Parasites are unique in that they infect a living organism in order to get a free ride through life at the expense of the host. Like today’s modern-day millennial, parasites are careful not to disrupt the equilibrium too much so that they’re not kicked out and forced to fend for themselves. Since parasites consume nutrients […]