Quantum Computing

Why Are Quantum Computing Stocks Falling?

Companies can grow organically and inorganically. The former involves internally developing technology, intellectual property, products, etc., and building the business with in-house talent. Conversely, inorganic growth often refers to acquiring or merging with another company, which can be a high-risk, high-reward move. In this context, the spurt in special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) until recently […]

Rigetti Computing Stock: A Risky Bet on Quantum Computing

The value of something is simply what others are willing to pay for it. Value stocks represent cash-generating assets that grow slowly over time, while growth stocks promise rapid growth into the future. Lately, the value of future growth has been falling. With interest rates rising, the value of a dollar today is becoming more […]

D-Wave Stock Finally Goes Public: What a Letdown

Imagine a cake that you were instructed to cut by an individual who would then choose which piece to take. Cutting the cake squarely down the middle would be the only way to ensure you received your fair share. Now, imagine you were cutting the cake for multiple individuals with different preferences – size of […]

Why Archer Materials Stock Should Be Avoided

Want to know the easiest way to make $100,000? Take a million dollars and invest it in any mining company that’s decided to pivot into the latest exciting technology theme. It’s almost a rite of passage for newbie retail investors to view such ventures as “a possible ten bagger.” They’re only parroting whatever drivel it […]

Rigetti Computing Stock: A Pure-Play on Quantum Computing

There’s been an increased amount of talk lately around what the media has coined “The Great Resignation.” People just don’t want to work anymore because they demand more from their employers. There’s talk about how 40 hours a week is just too much. It’s people of this ilk who are against meritocracies because they want […]

Why Quantum Computing Inc. QUBT Is Not a Good Stock

Our recent piece on Robinhood pointed out how the company makes the majority of their money right now peddling extremely risky financial products to beginner investors (half of their client base). The company says that this is “democratizing the distribution of wealth,” but we beg to differ. The single most important quality a financial services […]

Quantum Computing Stocks Are Having a Moment

Quantum computing is like high school sex. Everyone says they’re doing it because they think everyone else is. For the few that are, it’s not as great as they say it is. And the only people that actually know how to do it properly are the teachers who never really talk about it. That old joke works […]

IonQ – A Publicly Traded Quantum Computing Stock

Quantum computing technology is like CBD. We’re told it’s this great wonderful thing that will solve all these problems, but nobody can actually tell if it’s working. That’s why we traveled to Vancouver, Canada to learn How Quantum Computing Software Gets Built by speaking with Landon Downs, Co-founder and President of one of the world’s […]

Is Quantum Computing Real or Just Vaporware?

The smallest unit of matter is an atom. It’s also where things start to get really weird. More than 99.99% of the atom’s mass is the nucleus. If the nucleus were the size of a car, all the nothingness around the atom would be about the size of the State of Utah, a place where […]

The Definition of Quantum Everything

In an earlier article, we talked about 10 companies working on quantum computing and promised our lovely readers a follow-up article on companies working on “quantum cryptography” and/or “quantum encryption”. As we sat down to write that article, we realized that we had no idea what quantum cryptography actually was. In fact, we don’t even […]