Blue Collar Robots

Food Robotics Feeding Latest Kitchen Automation Solutions

We may not have much in common with each other these days in ‘Murica, but there is one thing that still binds us together: food. And we’re not even talking about rampant obesity and diabetes. The majority – six out of 10 of us, according to the National Restaurant Association – have worked in the […]

Autonomous Robots for Horticulture Are Here

Contrary to what some people might claim about how oppressive it is to live in the United States of America, it’s actually one of the better places to live in the world when it comes to quality of life. There is an abundance of food and a thriving agriculture industry. Americans are also fortunate enough to […]

Latest Robotic Technology for the World’s Worst Jobs

Nary a week goes by that we don’t hear about how the latest robotic technology will take our jobs away. The newest piece of news on this theme of “automation taking jobs” comes from the Brookings Institution, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that spends its time figuring out how much we’re screwing up the future […]

12 Smart Farming Companies Making Farmers Smarter

Smart technology dominates our daily lives. We’re building smart cities and living in smart homes equipped with smart locks. Even our exercise routines are getting smarter with smart clothes. Driving has never been easier and safer with smart cars and smart parking, not to mention the arrival of AI self-driving cars. Travel has become less stressful […]

6 Robot Janitors Doing Commercial Floor Cleaning

It’s the boring stocks that let you sleep well at night, and that’s because there is a lot of money being made in boring industries. Take the cleaning industry for example. It’s an often-overlooked field, but surprisingly one of the most profitable and sustainable. Nobody wants to work in an unclean office environment, and there […]

Why McDonald’s May Never Use Robots to Flip Burgers

We spend the vast majority of our waking hours trying to figure out the best way to invest in disruptive technologies, but that’s not where we actually allocate the lion’s share of our investments. Instead, our hard-earned dollars can be found in boring industries like insurance or consumer goods which are more likely to provide predictable cash flows in […]

Robot Brickmasons and a Robotic Bricklaying Stock

An article by Bloomberg a few days ago titled Want to Stay Safe While Traveling? Wear a Rolex was probably the worst piece of travel advice we’ve ever seen. Among all the vices that our closely knit team of writers, researchers, and MBAs like to dabble in, the one that we find the most rewarding […]

6 Agriculture Robot Startups for Farming

Old MacDonald had a farm, ee, ai, ee, ai, oh. And on that farm he had some robots, ee, ai, ee, ai—oh yes, the robots are headed to the country. Much of AgTech has focused on innovations such as high-resolution satellite imagery to survey farm yields or the development of bugs to improve the health […]

Robot Butchers – Because Humans Aren’t Cutting It

It seems like we’re finally seeing some mainstream hype around “robots taking all the jobs” which is largely coming into the picture now due to advances in technology like deep learning, computer vision, and cloud computing. We did an article about a month ago titled “What Jobs will Robots and AI Do in The Future?” […]

Sarcos Robots – Doing the World’s Most Dangerous Jobs

The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us and people are freaking out about robots and artificial intelligence “freeing up everyone else to do more value added activities“. This is a delicate topic but the almighty dollar will prevail. Those people who have been clamoring for minimum wage to be raised are now being cold cocked […]