Robot Butchers – Because Humans Aren’t Cutting It

It seems like we’re finally seeing some mainstream hype around “robots taking all the jobs” which is largely coming into the picture now due to advances in technology like deep learning, computer vision, and cloud computing. We did an article about a month ago titled “What Jobs will Robots and AI Do in The Future?” where we went in to the U.S. jobs report from 2016 and then compared it to the same report 5 years earlier to see what jobs are going away. We found 12 job types that had large decreases and then tried to explain each one using technology that exists today. Then we came across the last job type which was “Butchers and other meat, poultry, and fish processing workers” and we thought to ourselves, “there is no way that they have robot butchers and if they do, we have got to see this“. As it turns out, a small publicly traded company in New Zealand is doing just that with robots.

About Scott Technology

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Founded in 1913, New Zealand company Scott Technology (NZE:SCT) has been around for ages but only began trading as a public company in 1999. It’s a very interesting company and it looks like they don’t spend too much time

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