Why McDonald’s May Never Use Robots to Flip Burgers

We spend the vast majority of our waking hours trying to figure out the best way to invest in disruptive technologies, but that's not where we actually allocate the lion's share of our investments. Instead, our hard-earned dollars can be found in boring industries like insurance or consumer goods which are more likely to provide predictable cash flows in the form of dividends that grow slowly over time. It's probably the "safest" way we've seen to invest in equities, provided that you diversify across industries and hold a large enough number of stocks for diversification. Additionally, we like to invest in large multinational firms to avoid being over-reliant on those crazy Yanks. Speaking of which, one thing you'll see in Yankee land is a whole lot of overweight people. At least that's what one of our Danish MBAs remarked as he experienced a McDonald's (MCD) drive-through for the very first time in his life. In Denmark, they don't have drive-throughs, and they're also crazy
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