Precision Agriculture

Why is Farmers Edge Stock Dropping Like a Rock?

Successful investors take inspiration from others, not follow their advice verbatim. We always emphasize that we’re not here to give advice on what you ought to hold or not hold. We’re here to tell you how we arrive at our own investment decisions while providing actionable insights along the way. When we “love” a stock, […]

Farmers Edge Stock is a Pure Play on Agtech Big Data

One of the most meaningful jobs one can spend their short time on this planet doing is found at the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s putting food on people’s tables. Farming is a difficult way to make a living, and consequently requires a great deal of intelligence to operate a profitable enterprise. Farmers […]

8 Canadian Agtech Startups Helping Farmers Grow

Canada’s 37 million people (that’s less than the state of California at 40 million) reside in the second biggest country in the world by landmass (Russia is the biggest) which means there’s a lot of room to grow things. Holding the title of the 5th largest agricultural exporter in the world overall, Canada is the world’s […]

7 Brazilian Agriculture Technology Startups

In 2018, Brazil had over 230 million cows chewing their cuds – about 22% of the 1.02 billion cows living on this planet – and consequently was the world’s largest exporter of beef that year. They’re not just a world leader in the production of beef, but also coffee (around 37% of global total), sugar (almost 20% of the global […]

11 Agriculture Imaging Solutions for Crops

The Landsat program is a joint NASA/USGS program that provides the longest continuous space-based record of Earth’s land in existence since its launch back in 1972. Forty-seven years later, human beings have found countless applications for satellite imaging technology from a global air traffic control system to global Internet for the masses. You can now use […]

12 Smart Farming Companies Making Farmers Smarter

Smart technology dominates our daily lives. We’re building smart cities and living in smart homes equipped with smart locks. Even our exercise routines are getting smarter with smart clothes. Driving has never been easier and safer with smart cars and smart parking, not to mention the arrival of AI self-driving cars. Travel has become less stressful […]

What is Precision Agriculture? Here Are 10 Examples

The current world population of 7.7 billion people is expected to reach 8.6 billion by 2030, according to a United Nations report which also cites some other interesting facts. Around 2024, the population of India is expected to surpass that of China. Nigeria, currently the world’s 7th largest country, is projected to surpass that of the […]

14 of the Top-funded AgTech Startups

To say that we’re a little removed from our hunter-gatherer origins would be an understatement. We read in an article that about 7 percent of American adults believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. It begs the question: Where do these people think strawberry milk comes from? Maybe some sugar junkie rabbit. Further, as The […]