Is Impinj Stock the Best Bet for RFID Tracking?

There comes a time in every relationship where you either have to commit or move on with the rest of your life. That’s especially the case with technology stocks. Some breakups are easy. The broken promises by metal 3D printing companies forced us to avoid these stocks like a plague of syphilis-carrying locusts. Good thing: Collectively, those three companies are worth less than $1 billion today. Others keep you on the hook for years. Ginkgo Bioworks (DNA), as the embodiment of the synthetic biology promise to turn living cells into machines, was one of those companies we were most excited to invest in. We’ve been eyeballing their synbio appeal despite years of disappointment, but continue to find them just too risky.  

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We are at a similar junction with Impinj (PI), a pure-play RFID stock for tracking stuff across retail, supply chain, and other IoT applications. We have b

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