Why Is AutoStore Seeing Revenue Growth Slow?

Revenues are a proxy for market share being captured. If you’re not growing revenues, you’re losing market share to competitors. In the case of large total addressable markets (TAMs), there may be enough opportunity to go around, which means there should be no impediments to growing fast except internal constraints. So, if the warehouse automation opportunity is a $100 billion blue ocean opportunity, then why is AutoStore (AUTO.OL) seeing revenue growth stall?

Bar charts showing AutoStore revenue trends 2020-2023
Credit: Nanalyze

Editor’s Note: All numbers in this article are USD unless stated otherwise.

AutoStore’s Revenue Growth

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Double-digit revenue growth is nothing to sneeze at, but slowing from 78% growth in 2022 to 11% in 2023 is a dramatic decline. The CEO’s letter describes their progress in 2023 as “significantly outpacing the light AS/RS warehouse automation market, which declined 16 percent,” according to a “top-tier management consulting firm.” With only around 20 percent of the market penetrated, there is plenty of opportunity left to capture with $6.5 billion in pipeline order

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