Is Impinj Stock a Buy at Today’s Prices?

Deciding which tech stocks to invest in can be overwhelming. That’s why we categorize every stock we write about into one of three buckets – love, like, and avoid. If we love a stock, that means we own it. If we like a stock, there’s something keeping us from buying it. Sometimes that’s price, but most of the time it’s just that we haven’t made a proper decision yet.

Last September, we wrote about Impinj (PI) in a piece titled A Pure-Play RFID Stock for IoT Investors, noting that “there’s everything to like about the RFID growth story, and even more to like about Impinj owning a full-stack RFID system.” At that time, Impinj didn’t meet our market cap threshold of $1 billion. That’s changed, so we’d like to revisit this IoT connectivity stock.

Impinj Stock Today

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Impinj came across our radar again when the stock fell about -17% following Q1-2021 results which actually exceeded guidance for both revenues and earnings. During their earnings call, Impinj talked about how

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