Invest in IoT and RFID Tags with an IPO from Impinj

June 15. 2016. 3 mins read
We’ve talked before about how the Internet of Things (IoT) will open up the door for billions of devices to connect to “the cloud” and provide us with even more “big data” sets that we can learn from. While there are all kinds of IoT devices being developed, inexpensive RFID tags (also referred to as “tag integrated circuits” or tag ICs) that can track your average retail item in a bricks-and-mortar retail outlet would be the most widespread devices used for IoT given the incredibly large number of retail items sold by companies such as Walmart for example. One company that has developed RFID tags and has a 65% leading market share in RFID tags is  Impinj.

About Impinj

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 Founded in 2000, Seattle Washinton based startup Impinj has taken in just over $130 million to develop RFID solutions that deliver “item intelligence” to retail, healthcare and other industries. Investors included Unilever, Samsung, and Intel which led to Impinj acquiring Intel’s RFID division in 2008. Just a few weeks ago, Impinj filed for an IPO to raise $60 million and plans to trade under the ticker PI. This is the Company’s second attempt at an IPO as they previously filed for IPO back in 2012 but then withdrew. Impinj is in the business of making RFID tags which they call “Monza Tag Chip

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