Ginkgo Bioworks Stock: Finally Time to Go Long?

Regular Nanalyze readers often hear this refrain from us: We invest in companies, not stories or stocks. That means we don’t allow ourselves to get caught up in the hype or volatility that accompanies retail investing. And that’s why we’ve worked hard to build objective metrics and processes for investing in disruptive technologies, because we get just as excited about this stuff as everyone else who reads our analyses. Synthetic biology is one of those emerging tech themes that we believe can truly be transformative – but extremely risky. The company that has come to embody all of our hopes and disappointments is synbio darling Ginkgo Bioworks (DNA). 

Short History of Ginkgo Bioworks Stock Coverage

We first started writing about Ginkgo Bioworks back in March 2016 in an article about three nanorobot factories. Since then, we’ve written at least another half-dozen articles about the Boston-based company, which has basically turned lab R&D for designing and programmin...

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