Wanted: A High-Growth Energy Storage Stock

In a world of gene editing and AI-powered brain-computer interfaces, energy storage hasn’t changed much. Sure, advances have been made in density, leading to the miniaturization of lithium batteries, which has popularized drones and electric vehicles. The growth of renewable energy has also led to an increased demand for energy storage solutions. The icing on the cake? President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act promises to channel funding and tax credits to developers of green energy solutions. This has led to a strong interest from retail investors keen to find exposure to battery stocks and energy storage solutions.

While most of the attention gets paid to lithium batteries, that’s just one component of the energy storage thesis which we’ve divided into the following categories:

  • Lithium battery manufacturers
  • Energy storage solutions providers
  • New battery technology developers

Our tech stock catalog contains 16 companies which fall into the above categories which we’ll examine today in our search for an attractive high-growth energy storage play for our own tech stock portfolio. We’ll start by looking at companies that manufacture batteries – the picks and shovels of energy storage.

Lithium Battery Manufacturers

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