Lead Acid Batteries

A Good Battery Stock With Exposure to Multiple Tech Trends

Investing in lithium batteries is an easy-to-understand thesis. Electric cars use lithium batteries, so you’re investing in the Chevrons and Exxons of tomorrow by investing in companies that produce batteries. That’s a good theory, but it’s not so easily executed on. Do you invest in the raw materials like lithium? We’ve always advised against that, […]

Some Advanced Lead Acid Battery Technologies

We’ve recently become enthralled with the idea of building an overland vehicle which we can loan out to our MBAs as a company perk. Basically, this is a four wheel drive vehicle that you can take pretty much anywhere there is the faintest sign of an actual road and get as far away from civilization […]

Invest in Lead Recycling with the Aqua Metals IPO

Investing in any commodity producer bears a great deal of risk since the success of a commodities producer is heavily dependent on the price of the underlying commodity which in turn is subject to pricing factors that are out of the producers’ control, except of course in the case of a monopoly. Usually oil and […]

Energy Power Systems and the Stop Start Battery

If you own a car that turns itself off when you’re idling, then you already know what a stop-start battery is. A stop-start battery system simply shuts down the engine in a vehicle when it begins to idle and then restarts the engine when the clutch or gas pedal is pressed. What are the benefits […]