Is BYD Auto the Tesla of China? Or Something More?

If you think about it, the sole reason any species is on this planet is to procreate. If procreation is the ultimate game, who is winning when it comes to humans? As it turns out, it's the Chinese. There are 1.371 billion Chinese on this planet, and they're living longer than anyone else. They also seem to be pretty adept at staying out of political turmoil and keeping to themselves. In addition to investing heavily in artificial intelligence, the Chinese have also decided that the only way forward is to go green, and as investors we want to understand how we can get some exposure to that theme. One lesser known company that we decided to check out is BYD Auto which may well be the Tesla of China - or maybe even something much bigger than that. Founded in 1995, BYD Company (HKG:1211) is a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles and electronics, the name of which stands for "Build Your Dream". American investors will be pleased to hear that the Oracle of Omaha himself bought 10% of
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