Some Fintech Companies Aren’t Good For Investors

Tech media has become a political mess. Reporters think their mandate is to catch venture capitalists saying horrible words like “retard” (some now refer to it as “the r-slur“) so they can engage in public condemnation. Incompetent “AI ethicists” are now paraded around as martyrs. And during all of this, the necessary stories that provide value fall by the wayside, something that has done retail investors no favors.

Today’s manic markets are an absolute mess. People are literally willing to buy anything with the remote promise of future growth at any price. Israeli binary options scams are at an all-time high, and instead of tightening the reigns, there’s a move towards giving investors even more rope to hang themselves. Today, we’re going to talk about three fintech companies we’ve come across that aren’t doing retail investors any favors. We’re not just picking on these three startups, we’re suggesting that any fintech company with a similar value proposition should be avoided.

Avoid any fintech company that

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