Stock Trading

Robinhood Stock – An Expensive Free Trading App

Whenever some financial services provider starts talking about “democratizing financial services for all,” that’s often a red flag. In many cases, they’re pissing on your leg and telling you it’s raining. Robinhood might be the epitome of a fintech that says one thing and does another. The company may be named after a fictional character […]

6 Companies Monetizing Alternative Data

A recent piece by Barron’s titled “Here Come the Teens: They Can’t Vote, but They’re Old Enough to Buy Stocks” speaks favorably about today’s young get-rich-quick “investors” who scan Reddit forums for ideas and risk it all on YOLO trades. Firms like Robinhood and public figures like the King of SPACs encourage this behavior by […]

Some Fintech Companies Aren’t Good For Investors

Tech media has become a political mess. Reporters think their mandate is to catch venture capitalists saying horrible words like “retard” (some now refer to it as “the r-slur“) so they can engage in public condemnation. Incompetent “AI ethicists” are now paraded around as martyrs. And during all of this, the necessary stories that provide […]

How to Spot Binary Options Trading Scams

The old adage about a fool and his money being easily parted overlooks the intelligent people who get conned and are too embarrassed to ever admit it. Getting fleeced isn’t just for beginner investors. There are some incredibly sophisticated scams out there, and today we’re going to use our platform to warn readers about a […]

Calculating Our Nanalyze Tech Stock Portfolio Performance

Here’s a fun exercise to think about. If you managed your own portfolio of tech stocks over the past 20 years, what sort of return would be considered good? (Don’t cheat and try to Google some numbers. Bear with us here please.) How about +400%? If we told you we returned +400% over the past […]

Machine Learning For Stock Trading Strategies

We spend a lot of time talking with startups that are trying to solve problems using artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, call it what you will. In order to understand if they’re actually using machine learning to achieve a competitive advantage, we need to know if they have access to any proprietary datasets. Without […]

The Impact of No Brokerage Fees on Retail Investors

Unless you work in finance, you may not be aware of a fundamental shift that’s underway at the moment in the industry. On Tuesday, October 1st, 2019, Charles Schwab rocked brokerage firms around the globe with their announcement to drop all commissions for stocks, ETFs, and options on U.S. and Canadian exchanges – permanently. Within a day, Ameritrade and E*Trade […]

Eight Ways to Use Alternative Data for Trading

In the past year, we’ve looked at various ways alternative data can be used for investing, from satellite imagery that forecasts metal prices to predicting geopolitical risk between the world’s countries. If you’re a large company of any kind, it’s likely that you have your own valuable alternative data laying around. A company called Eagle Alpha […]

Trading Tech Stocks on International Stock Exchanges

Trading tech stocks on international stock exchanges not only expands your investing universe but also provides a much-needed diversification effect which helps offset the inevitable volatility you’ll face when investing in any disruptive theme. In a recent article, we talked about two stocks – Elixinol and Charlotte’s Web – which offer investors exposure to the popular […]

Free Algo Trading for Tech Savvy Traders

When you decide to do an MBA, one thing you’re able to do at that point in life is change the direction of your career dramatically without anyone labeling your decision as brash. Most MBAs will shoot for the Holy Grail of career changes, investment banking or consulting. For all the alphas in the bunch, […]