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The Best SaaS Stocks and How to Find Them

The more time you spend in institutes of higher learning, the more you realize how little you know. This awareness sometimes means you’ll accept lesser-known facts as truth without probing them. Did you know that when someone dies, their fingernails keep growing? Actually, that’s totally false, and we only learned that recently after repeating this […]

Forge Stock: A Secondary Market for Startups

Another day, another reason to avoid special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). This time it’s the Reddit “day traders” wreaking havoc on companies like Spire Global. An increase in stock price volatility equals an increase in risk. Or at least that’s what they teach you in Finance 101. Therefore it’s critically important to only invest in […]

Remitly Stock: A Challenger to Western Union?

Sundays in Hong Kong are a sight to behold. Public spaces like Victoria Park are overwhelmed with tens of thousands of domestic helpers, mainly women from Indonesia and the Philippines. They arrive in Hong Kong in droves to work as housemaids for the wealthy. With their lodging and meals paid for, most the money they […]

Feedzai Fraud Detection Platform Uses AI, Biometrics

If you’re preparing to withdraw money at an ATM in a foreign country, take a good look at where you insert your card. Go ahead, grab it and give it a little shake. The plastic case your card goes into is sometimes replaced by a phony case which captures your pin and card info while […]

Why is Upstart’s Stock Price Soaring?

Competent investors act with conviction. They don’t second guess their decisions when a stock price starts falling. Well actually, everyone does, but competent investors recognize the fear for what it is and manage that emotion. A subscriber recently said, “I like that you don’t sell beaten down stocks.” If our thesis hasn’t changed, why would […]

Protect Your Portfolio When the U.S. Dollar Collapses

Clickbait titles attract clicks, but rarely does the content engage the reader. Here at Nanalyze, we can do both. When we use clickbait titles, our “time on page” metric ranks among the highest according to the Ministry of Truth, Google. Today’s clickbait title comes directly from one of our paid subscribers who asks the following […]

Robinhood Stock – An Expensive Free Trading App

Whenever some financial services provider starts talking about “democratizing financial services for all,” that’s often a red flag. In many cases, they’re pissing on your leg and telling you it’s raining. Robinhood might be the epitome of a fintech that says one thing and does another. The company may be named after a fictional character […]

10 Financial Technology Companies to Watch

So far, most applications of blockchain technology have been solutions looking for problems. That’s not to say there haven’t been some really exciting use cases like Othera or Data Gumbo. It’s just that so much garbage has been created alongside these gems of hope. ICOs, NFTs, and speculative cryptocurrencies in general, have created a tremendous […]

Why Are Popular SPACs Falling Down?

We often research what today’s investor is looking for and then get in front of it with an article. This usually starts with software tools that tell us what people are searching for. You can do this yourself by simply opening up Google and typing a phrase. In the below example, we’re asking Google to […]

A Simple Valuation Ratio for Disruptive Tech Stocks

If you spend six figures on business school, they’ll teach you cool things like how to value a company. One method is to evaluate the present value of future cash flows (cash today is worth more than cash tomorrow because of inflation). You’ll often hear investors talk about price/earnings ratio or P/E ratio which is […]