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A Free Personal Finance App That Does It All

In the same way that Google knows you better than anyone, the way you spend money telegraphs the type of person you are. You can’t just have one drink, you only buy products that are on sale, you’re an impulse buyer, you’re thrifty when it comes to renting hotel rooms, all these insights can be […]

How Micro Investing Apps Are Evolving

They say that the only way an alcoholic can cure their condition is to decide that they want to stop drinking. The same can be said for any sort of addiction that you want to kick, though there are some exceptions. Instead of trying to convince the more than 30% of obese Americans that big isn’t beautiful, […]

The Easiest Way to Save Money on a Tight Budget

“Save dat money” was a popular song by rapper Lil Dicky in which he ironically raps about saving money, a style of music that does nothing but talk about spending money on drugs, fast cars, and hos. While Mr. Dicky dispenses some decent advice, he didn’t talk much about the easiest way to save money on […]

How to Buy Shares of Stock in Startups

Disclaimer: this article was written by a person who does not work at any of the firms highlighted in this article. As always, past performance does not guarantee future results. When it comes to investing in disruptive technologies, retail investors get the short end of the stick. The most exciting startups out there are off limits, […]

401K Fees Are Too High. Here’s What to Do.

For being one of the richest countries on the planet, it’s rather puzzling as to why Americans can’t manage to save any of their money. Ask any American about their savings, and you’ll probably get some response which includes the word “401k”. For our international readers, a 401k is a retirement plan that any American who […]

Robo-Advisors, AI, and Asset Allocation

We’ve talked about robo-advisors before and concluded that these are just the same tools that private wealth managers use for their clients except now they’ve been sent up to live in “the cloud“. If we take a step back though and look at the actual service being rendered here by both a robo-advisor and a […]

Can Artificial Intelligence be Used For Stock Trading?

If you’re an average retail investor who just saw a 60-minute special on artificial intelligence (AI), you probably thought to yourself “why can’t we use AI for stock trading“? Then maybe you plugged the phrase “artificial intelligence stock trading” into Google and this article popped up. We’re going to answer your question and hopefully we’ll all learn […]

Robo Advisor vs. Human Financial Advisor

In a previous article, we opined that the truth behind robo advisors is that they simply take the same private wealth management tools that a human financial advisor would always use and then automate them, simplify them, and externalize them. We tried to prove this by comparing robo advisor Betterment with Motif Investing and pointed out that in […]