Trimble Stock: The Connect and Scale Plan

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes a world where everything is connected through networks of chips (sensors) so that the real world can easily be replicated in a digital one (digital twins). That digital world will be monitored in real time by AI algorithms who will then make changes in the real world to make everything more efficient. Humans will stand around twiddling their thumbs until artificial general intelligence either a) eradicates them with a deadly virus or b) creates a simulation that’s ten times more pleasurable than heroin where everyone finishes out their pointless lives. Isn’t IoT great?

Until humans are eradicated and/or exiled to a digital paradise, we want to make money on the emergence of IoT. Perhaps the best way to play that theme across multiple industries would be through an investment in Trimble (TRMB), but not everyone sees it that way.

Trimble Stock – Space, IoT, or Something Else?

Our classification of Trimble as an IoT stock doesn’t mesh well with leading ETF providers. It’s nowhere to be found in the GlobalX IoT ETF, while it proudly sits atop the

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