Wind Energy

The Biggest Electric Utility Company in the World

We first started thinking about the biggest electric utility company in the world when we recently wrote about how bitcoin mining works. While researching the¬†article which focused on bitcoin mining hardware companies, we were surprised by how relevant the cost of electricity is to the profitability of bitcoin mining – which largely takes place in […]

The World’s Largest Generator of Solar and Wind Power

We’re always blown away by what suddenly makes people want to start investing. Just look at how many people ask us every day how they can “buy marijuana stocks”. It usually starts with some 60-minute segment on an exciting emerging technology after which people start doing Google searches to see how they can buy stocks […]

TPI Composites – A Wind Energy Stock

Solar energy seems to dominate the headlines as the “clean energy source” which investors stand to benefit the most from. While solar has taken a hit lately, clean energy promises to be the way forward and arguably may be contributing to the utter demise of the coal industry lately. While solar continues to sound promising, […]

A Wind Power IPO from Northern Power Systems

Wind power has been one of the fastest-growing sources of electricity generation over the past decade with global capacity increasing tenfold. For investors looking for exposure to wind power, bigger companies have typically dominated the space. Siemens is the market leader in offshore wind turbines. Danish company Vestas has more¬†than 43,000 turbines installed in 66 […]