The Biggest Electric Utility Company in the World

June 18. 2018. 6 mins read

We first started thinking about the biggest electric utility company in the world when we recently wrote about how bitcoin mining works. While researching the article which focused on bitcoin mining hardware companies, we were surprised by how relevant the cost of electricity is to the profitability of bitcoin mining – which largely takes place in China now because they have cheaper electricity than everyone else – because coal mining. Then, the topic of cheaper electricity came up again in our article on Bloom Energy’s IPO which is finally happening. Everyone’s excited about Bloom because they have developed a shipping-container-sized fuel cell that converts cheap natural gas into electricity. Sounds great, as long as the tax credits don’t expire and natural gas remains cheap as it has:

Natural Gas Spot Prices Over Time
Natural Gas Spot Prices Over Time

All the while we couldn’t help but think how everything seems to be moving towards more electricity consumption. Tesla’s electric cars, China’s electric buses, bitcoin miners, the increase in electric-powered vehicles, advancements in energy storage, the growth of clean energy like wind and solar, all of these trends lead us towards wanting to invest in electricity, not as a commodi

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