Supply Chain Technology

10 Startups Making Ocean Container Shipping Easier

We’re not sure when the term sailor went out of vogue, but we now call those guy seafarers – all 1.6 million of them that pilot the 68,723 merchant ships that navigate our world’s oceans. We say “guys” because 98%¬†of seafarers are males, a fact that may be partially explained by the fact that women […]

International Freight Forwarding Software from Flexport

90% of everything we buy arrives via ship and right now there are over 20 million containers of cargo en-route to somewhere. That’s according to an article by The Atlantic which also states that the cost of shipping things is so cheap now that “it’s actually less expensive to ship Scottish cod 10,000 miles away […]

13 Startups Racing to be the Uber of Trucking

Do you remember that brief golden age when Burt Reynolds was the epitome of cool? It all started for us with Smokey and the Bandit. The premise was pretty simple: A hotshot trucker named Bandit (Reynolds) and his sidekick snowman (played by country star Jerry Reed) are hired to bootleg Coors beer across the country […]