9 Genomics Startups for Investors to Watch

The history of direct-to-consumer genomics tests goes something like this. Genomics startups first started offering hereditary tests that required a DNA sample and everyone quickly climbed on board without realizing just how much information they were handing over to people they didn’t really know that well. Eventually, testing companies started moving into DNA health tests and then the FDA […]

The 10X Genomics IPO and Single-Cell Sequencing

Over the last few weeks, pundits have been tearing apart the WeWork Initial Public Offering (IPO), and uncovering all kinds of things to write about. It’s a company that’s raised some eyebrows because of their burn rate (between $150 – 200 million a month) and the company’s vague business model which some have described as […]

Are Dog DNA Tests Worth the Hype?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to DNA testing. We’ve seen it all over the last few years, from serious topics such as privacy issues and the ethics of DNA testing for intelligence to super silly applications like physical fitness and dating. It’s certainly an industry that has courted its share of controversy, with companies […]

9 Personal Trainer Apps for Getting Into Shape

We’re well into 2019, which means most of us have already given up on our New Year’s resolution to get back into shape. That is not our typically cynical but witty intro to the topic of personal trainer apps for getting into shape. There is a bit of science that says that most of us […]

6 Cannabis Biotech Companies for Growing the Best Weed

The mad rush for green continues to reach ever greater heights as states lift decades-long bans on marijuana. But at the end of the day, all marijuana companies rely on one thing – the living, breathing Cannabis sativa plant. And like all things both lucrative and living, the world of biotechnology has already jumped right […]

Can DNA Tests Predict Intelligence or IQ?

With the emergence of big data and machine learning, we’re now able to do all kinds of things that we couldn’t do before. While genetic testing started out as something you could use to find out if your dad is actually the milkman, it has now progressed into other areas. We recently wrote about how polygenic […]

How Your Polygenic Risk Score Can Predict Disease

One of the most famous principles in classical philosophy (one of our MBAs double-majored in case the whole business degree didn’t work out) is called Occam’s razor. It states that one should not make more assumptions than are needed to explain a certain phenomenon. In other words, start with the simplest answer first. This is […]

Bionano Genomics Stock on Offer in IPO

If you’ve been an Illumina (ILMN) investor for a while, you have to be stoked about how well your investment has performed. This is a company that has an 80% market share selling machines that are the “picks and shovels” of the growing genomics market. More than half of the company’s revenues come from “consumables”, in other […]

Oxford Nanopore Sequencing vs. Illumina

If you are lucky enough to have spent upwards of six figures on your MBA, you may be tempted to think that it was a waste of money now that the robots are in the process of devouring just about every job there is. That’s just not the case though. MBAs happen to be equipped with some very […]

Benefits of Cannabis Genetics for Producing Weed

One of the common complaints about 420 events—aside from the haze that settles over the crowd like a rolling San Francisco fog—is that the celebrations have turned into an excuse to smoke excessive amounts of weed in public. Some of you may be wondering: Isn’t that exactly the point of 420? Sure, we’re as happy […]