10X Genomics Continues Expanding Platform Menu

February 20. 2024. 7 mins read

When not busy trying to resurrect the wooly mammoth, geneticist George Church spends his time launching new biotech companies at a pace nearly on par with SpaceX sending rockets into space. At last count, he had co-founded or otherwise helped kickstart about 50 different companies – many of which have gained some amount of traction. For instance, Ginkgo Bioworks (DNA) acquired one of his very first ventures, a synthetic biology startup called Gen9 that we covered at the time. In fact, we’ve written about a number of the Harvard professor’s many businesses, and even held shares in another early venture, Editas Medicine (EDIT), before exiting our position in 2022. 

Highlights of 10X Genomics
Credit: 10X Genomics

Another one of Church’s earliest startups was a company called ReadCoor whose intellectual property (IP) would eventually become a key technology that is currently helping fuel growth for 10X Genomics (TXG). The biotech company recently released its 2023 year-end results. Revenue climbed 20% year-over-year to more than $618 million after growth hit a wall the prior year in 2022. New product platforms are helping revive growth, though the company’s flagship platform is still flagging and gross margins are still shrinking. Let

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