4 Companies Replacing Nitrogen in Fertilizers

In our recent profile on Motif FoodWorks, we described how the company is turning microbes into biological factories to produce specialized proteins to enhance the production, taste, and texture of plant-based food. It’s only one example of how synthetic biology may someday disrupt our entire food system. Today we’re going to focus on where it […]

How Plant Sciences Will Feed 10 Billion People By 2050

Regular readers know that we don’t just publish articles, but foster a conversation about emerging technologies and how they will improve the world (and our investment portfolio). One of our ongoing themes – aside from Elon Musk’s hair – is how this little green and blue ball we inhabit can continue to sustain life as […]

9 New Technologies for Dairy Farming and Dairy Cows

The world is changing in scary ways. Artificial intelligence may take your high-paying, white-collar job. The robot wars are probably just around the corner. Once reliable stocks like Nvidia (NVDA) are in retreat. And people just aren’t drinking milk like they used to. This last point may seem trivial until you consider that total milk production […]

Most Funded Synthetic Biology Companies in 2018

It’s that time of the year again when you start returning or re-gifting all of the plastic crap that got shoved under a slowly dying tree in that annual orgy of consumerism known as Christmas. It’s also the time of year when the media start to hit you with all those year-end lists of the […]

7 Startups Treating Disease Using the Microbiome

We’re big fans of yogurt here at Nanalyze. It’s one of those Americanized breakfast foods that can also double as dessert while masquerading as a health food. Yogurt gets its reputation as a pseudo health snack partly because it contains various strains of probiotic bacteria that are thought to be beneficial to health by helping […]

The Microbiome Defined and Understood Using A.I.

Some terminology just doesn’t sound that exciting. Take the term microbiome. If you didn’t know what the word “microbiome” meant, you wouldn’t be chastised for thinking that it’s just some boring medical terminology that when explained to you, you’d be none the wiser for knowing. As we found out, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve […]