Is It Finally Time To Dump Illumina Stock?

November 27. 2023. 8 mins read

Vive la révolution! It’s not just desperate peasants who embrace radical change of the status quo. Innovations by technology companies are often hailed as revolutionary, disrupting the way we live and work. It’s worth remembering that many revolutionaries later became brutal dictators who ruled over their subjects with an iron fist. Similarly, many tech companies that revolutionized our lives – think Alphabet (Google) or Meta (Facebook) – have become bloated monopolies in their respective spheres of peasant serfdom consumer influence. Their high-growth revenue days appear to be behind them, as their markets become saturated and real innovation an afterthought. 

What To Do with Illumina Stock?

We could easily be describing any number of big tech companies including Illumina (ILMN), the genomics pioneer that revolutionized next-generation sequencing (NGS) and cornered the DNA sequencing market. The company’s high-throughput NGS technology has helped drive the price of sequencing a human genome from $100 million to less than $1,000 in just two decades. It’s generally accepted that Illumina owns upwards of 80% of the gene-sequencing market with $4.5 billion in revenue. Its machines (at least at one point) accounted for as much as 90% of the DNA data produced in the world.

Illumina market cap
Illumina’s market cap is at its lowest in a decade. Credit: Macrotrends

But it appears the good times might be over. During our live Nanalyze Q4-2023 Portfolio Review of life

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