10 Disruptive Tech Stocks to Invest In

We’re a small team of writers and researchers here at Nanalyze, so we often leverage the efforts of others and take credit for it like they taught us to do in business school. We recently spoke with one of the leading experts in innovation management to learn how innovation can become a competitive advantage for […]

An ETF for Investing in Clean Energy

We’ve often said that investing in anything that falls along the ESG spectrum of investing ought to be judged purely by performance as opposed to its ability to do good. That’s because fixing the world’s big problems will only happen if we’re able to make a profit along the way which will then allow solutions to […]

5 Marijuana ETFs for Investing in Cannabis

We’ve been on one of those kind of trips recently. You know the kind: Strapped into the memory time machine, revisiting the past to make sense of the present to think about the future. Old friends growing older but not out of date—others past their expiration date—as we wound our way around the good U.S. […]

AI Powered ETFs – A Look at iShares Evolved

When the world’s largest investment manager decides to build AI powered ETFs, you know that artificial intelligence is now mainstream. With offices spread around the globe housing 13,000 employees, Blackrock (NYSE:BLK) has more than $6.2 trillion in assets under management. To put that number in perspective, all the of the world’s 2,397 billionaires have around […]

4 Blockchain ETFs for Investing in Blockchain

When it comes to telling people what your business does, you’re supposed to have what’s called an “elevator pitch”. It’s a succinct way to describe your value proposition that doesn’t bore people to tears. When describing Nanalyze, we always use the same example. Suppose your dad was watching the evening telly and saw an excerpt […]

SNSR – An Internet of Things ETF for IoT Investors

Long-time readers of Nanalyze know that one of our oft-repeated pieces of wisdom—and remember what they say about opinions and particular anatomical parts—is that one of the best ways to get skin into the game for any particular technology theme is through an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). We recently profiled a couple of robotics and […]

Two ETFs for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The best way for investors to get exposure to any given investment theme is by finding an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that tracks said theme. The problem with many of these ETFs is that they aren’t exactly focused on pure plays. The creators of the ETF want a broad enough selection of stocks within the […]

Artificial Intelligence and Industry Classifications

In the world of stock investing, we can look at all the world’s stocks as a big basket or universe of all available stocks to choose from. We can then start to slice and dice the basket into categories like country, industry, and size. Finance people call these “factors”, and what investors have noticed since as far […]

5 ETFs and Funds Using AI for Stock Selection

A topic here on Nanalyze that has generated a great deal of interest is that of using artificial intelligence for stock trading. When we talk about stock trading though, it’s too vague unless we provide some sort of time frame. There are black box trading algorithms that can conduct 100s of trades per second and they don’t need […]

Kensho Technologies – Creating Stock Indices Using AI

With the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution, up to 80% of service jobs are expected to be impacted. We’ve identified 30 emerging technologies that investors need to be paying attention to if they expect to benefit from a technological revolution that few people see coming. While the most exciting emerging technology companies are private, there are still […]