Should You Invest in the Only IoT ETF?

It's hard to figure out who the leaders are in the Internet of Things (IoT) because the term can encompass so many different things. Broadly speaking, IoT imagines a world where everything is connected to the cloud. All the data being generated allows us to create "digital twins" and optimize them. Consequently, areas we may want to invest in include: Providers of IoT sensors and chips at the edgeProviders of the hardware used to transmit and store the resulting dataFirms that analyze the data and provide insights such as predictive analytics When evaluating any disruptive tech theme for investability, the first thing we do is look for ETFs. There's only one pure-play IoT ETF out there - The Global X Internet of Things ETF (SNSR). The Global X IoT ETF In our last piece on The Global X IoT ETF, we looked at things like the top-10 constituents, historical performance, and assets under management (AUM). Several years later, SNSR has more than doubled their AUM from $106 to $
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