Electric Buses

GreenPower Motor Company Stock for Electric Buses

Regular readers are all too familiar by now with our disdain for special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), which exist only to take a private company public. There’s nothing wrong with the concept itself, except that the current lack of scrutiny and transparency often hides all sorts of problems, aside from bloated valuations and wildly unrealistic […]

Electric Bus Company Proterra Offers Stock to Public

It’s always worth recounting the old story about the brokerage firm that audited their best performing retail accounts only to find that they were the ones the owners had forgotten about. It’s about time in the market, not timing the market, an adage that’s all but lost on today’s Robinhood weekday warriors who eat up […]

Electric Bus Startup Proterra Up Against China

You’re either on the bus or off the bus. That was the bare-bones philosophy of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, a misfit band of hippies and revolutionaries best known for spiking the punch with LSD at Grateful Dead gigs back in the 1960s. Driven with manic glee by Jack Kerouac’s old drinking buddy, Neal […]

Is BYD Auto the Tesla of China? Or Something More?

If you think about it, the sole reason any species is on this planet is to procreate. If procreation is the ultimate game, who is winning when it comes to humans? As it turns out, it’s the Chinese. There are 1.371 billion Chinese on this planet, and they’re living longer than anyone else. They also […]

5 Companies Building an Autonomous Electric Bus

With 1.2 billion vehicles driving on the world’s roads today, the automotive technology space holds a great deal of promise for investors. Technologies such as connected vehicles and driverless trucks are attracting the attention of investors while Elon Musk continues to push us in the direction of a world full of autonomous vehicles. In a recent […]

Efficient Electric Buses from Proterra

In a new report from IDTechEx, “Hybrid and Electric Buses and Taxis 2013-2023: Forecasts, Opportunities, Players”, it is projected that the market for electric buses and taxis will rise over 8 times from $6.24 billion in 2011 to $54 billion in 2021. One company that is well-positioned to take advantage of this growth is Proterra. About Proterra […]