Stocks That Hold Bitcoin On Their Balance Sheets

Having an eccentric CEO who thinks we’re living in a simulation and pretends to smoke weed on a podcast isn’t necessarily a bad thing for shareholders. There’s no such thing as bad publicity and all that. As you rock star employees out there know, you can get away with quite a bit when you’re exceptionally […]

The Autonomous Vehicle Companies in the Self-Driving Race

If you needed any further proof of how unhinged the stock market has become, just look at the outsized and outlandish IPO for DoorDash (DASH) this week. The company stands at a $70 billion market cap for food delivery. On paper, that makes DoorDash more valuable than General Motors (GM), one of the world’s oldest […]

Here’s Why Short Sellers Are Shorting Tesla

For the last several months we’ve been organizing the 1,700+ articles here on Nanalyze into a handy set of guides for our readers. (You can access these using the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of this page.) During that process, we realized that we’ve never written about Tesla, aside from a few green tech […]

Chinese Electric Vehicle Maker NIO Files IPO

Retail investors interested in the electric vehicle market can be forgiven for thinking that Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is the only company in the world that produces cars that run on electricity. The 24-7 Elon Musk show tends to drown out news about any other player in the industry. Musk’s latest stunt related to taking the company […]

Top 8 Chinese Self-driving Electric Vehicle Startups

One could be forgiven for thinking that Tesla is the only company in existence building autonomous, or self-driving, electric vehicles. The Elon Musk hype machine, fueled by the fanboys at Futurism and other tech sites, has been in overdrive lately. Now, if the billionaire tells us his secret to regrowing hair, then we might jump […]

How Much Solar Exposure is there in Tesla Stock?

Solar is in a peculiar position right now. While it’s an incredibly promising segment of the energy sector, short-term outlook is clouded by oversupply, dropping margins and a grim 2017 with governments axing installation incentives and the US withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. These circumstances have caused investment sentiment to turn bearish in Q4 2016 and […]

Is BYD Auto the Tesla of China? Or Something More?

If you think about it, the sole reason any species is on this planet is to procreate. If procreation is the ultimate game, who is winning when it comes to humans? As it turns out, it’s the Chinese. There are 1.371 billion Chinese on this planet, and they’re living longer than anyone else. They also […]

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Still Have Miles to Go

Right after personal jetpacks, we were promised hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The future has been slow to meet either promise, but it appears that may soon change regarding the latter. At least three of the major automobile manufacturers – Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai – have or soon will be selling hydrogen fuel vehicles commercially. Toyota […]

Is Faraday Future Really a Competitive Threat to Tesla?

There’s a great deal of hype surrounding Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) no matter how you’re involved in the company. If you’re driving one of their cars, you get to experience just how cool their technology is every day. If you invested in their stock 10 years ago, you’re sitting pretty with an investment that’s appreciated over +1,000%. If […]

3 Home Battery Startups Competing with Tesla’s Powerwall

In a previous article, we wrote about the Tesla “Powerwall” battery, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery in 7kWh and 10kWh configurations that can be installed in your home to store electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are low. Tesla has prioritized Australia as the first market to enter, and they’ll soon need to compete with Panasonic which has announced […]