Connected Cars

Wejo Stock: Pure Play on Connected Car Data Analytics

A few days ago we introduced you to seven companies using geospatial intelligence to disrupt the insurance industry. That was just one example of how location analytics can grow new markets from all of the data being generated in our highly digitized world. In that case, the data mainly come from imagery collected by satellites, […]

Investing in Automotive Data With Otonomo Stock

The most credible bull case for Tesla right now involves big data. The race to capture the trillion-dollar autonomous vehicle opportunity will be won by the company with the most extensive training data set. Hundreds of thousands of Teslas are out there right now gathering big data to train their autonomous algorithms on. These connected […]

Telematics in Cars Can Reduce Traffic Accidents

In the United States of America, you’ll generally find some irresponsible drivers on the road. This could be because many cities have passed laws that prevent police from pursuing vehicles that try to outrun them. Or it could be because there are a whole lot of fast cars being sold these days, and you’ll always […]

What is Telematics? A Simple Definition

Peter Thiel once wryly quipped that we wanted flying cars and instead, we got 140 characters. What’s even worse than that is the complete drivel that floats across that 140-character platform. Just look at these two gems that are trending on Twitter right now as we type this: Kanye reignites his beef with Drake and […]

Cheap Long-term Car Rentals from Fair

If you’re a citizen of the United States, there’s a little-known trick that lets you avoid paying taxes. Just make less than $100,000 a year and spend no more than 30 days a year in the United States. That’s easy enough to do, but the problem is that during the 30 days you spend a year […]

Zendrive Tackles Distractions While Driving

In a recent article we talked about how valuable autonomous driving data is, especially when it’s accompanied by things like the driver’s actual reaction to an event as it happens. We threw out some pretty interesting facts about how many collisions are caused by distracted driving. And we’re not just talking about texting while driving. […]

10 Connected Car Technology Startups

Right now the world is in the midst of the Internet-of-Everything revolution. Our TVs, refrigerators, and thermostats offer internet-connected features that range in their usefulness. It comes as no surprise that internet-connected cars and devices are surging in popularity – but there are some better reasons to seek connectivity in a car than there is in […]

5 Connected Vehicle Technology Startups

In a recent article, we demystified some of the terminology used to describe the Internet of Things (IoT), a technology that promises to connect all the devices around us and ultimately make the world a better place. If that utopian vision doesn’t come to fruition, then at least marketing people everywhere will have more “big data” on […]

Metromile: Pay As You Go Auto Insurance

In a previous article, we talked about a startup company called Automatic Labs which allows you to turn your old car into a smart car with the introduction of a simple device that plugs into the OBD-II port of your vehicle. Automatic Labs isn’t the only player in this space, and we recently came across another […]

Automatic Labs: New Auto Technology for Your Old Car

There’s lots of excitement these days about disruption in the auto industry, like smarter cars that can drive themselves for example. Companies like Faraday Future are promising to make driving your car a much more personalized experience with their soon to be unveiled electric vehicle built by ex-employees of Tesla. But what about those of us who already own […]