Investing in Automotive Data With Otonomo Stock

February 18. 2021. 5 mins read

The most credible bull case for Tesla right now involves big data. The race to capture the trillion-dollar autonomous vehicle opportunity will be won by the company with the most extensive training data set. Hundreds of thousands of Teslas are out there right now gathering big data to train their autonomous algorithms on. These connected cars are then able to share with one another so that they eventually become indistinguishable from the Borg.

Training data is just one type of big data that can be collected from connected cars. Driver safety has been a big focus for IoT companies like Cambridge Mobile Telematics or Zendrive which both collect data on driver safety and use it to make people safer drivers. While these use cases will become less important once we reach full autonomy, there is plenty of other data cars can generate.

Credit: Otonomo

One of the companies dabbling in this space is Otonomo with their automotive data platform that’s connected to ove

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