Personalized Oncology

6 CRISPR Applications from Healthcare Startups

One question we’re often asked at Nanalyze is what emerging technology do we think will be most disruptive in the long term. The short answer: All of them. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be devoting long hours at the laptop between trips to the local dispensary writing about all of this amazing progress. Artificial intelligence, as we’ve […]

Flatiron: Big Data from Cancer Centers in the Cloud

Cancer isn’t something we like talking about, maybe because it is the cause of one of every four deaths in the United States, and nobody likes talking about death. Almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer, and we all like to throw around the term “a cure for cancer”. The fictional “cure for cancer” […]

A TINY gamble on Champions Oncology

In a previous article we discussed the SEC warning against investing in companies that conduct a reverse merger on the over-the-counter exchange.  However, there are always exceptions to any rule. In looking at Harris and Harris Group’s (NASDAQ:TINY) latest 10-Q we see that TINY has a current investment in an OTC stock called Champions Oncology (OTCMKTS:CSBR). […]

6 things to like about Foundation Medicine’s Proposed IPO

In an earlier article we discussed the June IPO of Nanostring, an oncology company using microfluidics to test for the risk of recurrence for breast cancer. Another interesting oncology company that filed for IPO on July 29th 2013 is Foundation Medicine. About Foundation Medicine Foundation Medicine is involved in cancer genomics, that is examining the genetic […]