Quantum Computing Stocks. Meet AI Hype.

July 12. 2023. 6 mins read

“If you think AI is hot, wait until it meets quantum computing.” That was the title of a recent Forbes piece by a Comms person at SAP trying to elbow her company’s quantum-computing-cum-generative-AI reputation to the front of the line. The article continues with a quote from a thought leader at (wait for it) SAP who states, “continuing advances in quantum hardware, middleware, and software will lead to a general-purpose quantum advantage machine being developed by 2030.” So, still at least five years away from a commercially viable quantum computer? Alrighty then.

While dozens of companies across the globe work on various aspects of quantum computing, retail investors are left hoping that one of the three quantum computing stocks on offer (all here as a result of SPACs) will emerge as a winner-takes-all leader. How can we tell a leader is emerging? There are several potential outcomes:

  • The leader(s) are private companies whose advancements aren’t made known since they’re not publicly traded. Their client list is confidential, and outsiders haven’t a clue they’ve pulled out ahead. One expert we interviewed believes the leader will keep their progress under wraps.
  • The leader(s) are giant tech firms that have thrown billions at the problem for decades – names like Google, Microsoft, and Intel which are all dabbling in quantum computing. Google declar

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