Rigetti Computing Stock: A Risky Bet on Quantum Computing

May 20. 2022. 4 mins read

The value of something is simply what others are willing to pay for it. Value stocks represent cash-generating assets that grow slowly over time, while growth stocks promise rapid growth into the future. Lately, the value of future growth has been falling. With interest rates rising, the value of a dollar today is becoming more valuable than a dollar promised tomorrow. When it comes to growth stocks, we can categorize them as follows:

  • Growth stocks with a track record of meaningful revenue growth
  • Growth stocks with no meaningful revenues

The second bullet point represents companies we don’t consider investable. In that category we would place the latest quantum computing company to go public, Rigetti Computing (RGTI), which is now publicly traded following their successful merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) called Supernova Partners Acquisition Company II.

About Rigetti Computing Stock

Click for company website

The last time we looked at Rigetti was in a piece titled Rigetti Computing Stock: A Pure-Play on Quantum Computing in which we noted 2021 reve

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