Has Google Finally Achieved Quantum Supremacy?

If you were a Mexican girl who was born the day Google debuted their IPO, you’d have celebrated your quinceañera this past summer. If you bought some shares in Google around the time of the IPO as we did, you’d be up +2,219% on your investment. If at the time you bought those shares you were broke AF and only had a few grand to punt with, today you might have enough profits to pick up an entry-level BMW but you'd still be working for the man. A very valuable lesson learned - you got to have money to make money.

We’re shareholders in Google, though we trimmed the position a bit when they decided it was a great idea to start taking sides in U.S. politics. (At least they’re not pulling a Facebook and telling their employees there’s no such thing as a meritocracy.) Still, investing in the company that controls 95% of the world’s information seems like a decent investment thesis. If you’re a Google shareholder, you also own stock in the first company to claim quantum supremacy.
Google and ...

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