Oramed Pharmaceuticals and the Promise of Oral Insulin

November 12. 2022. 6 mins read

You know how to tell someone is an Apple user? They’ll tell you. That old joke refers to the inability for some people to keep facts hidden as they betray themselves repeatedly. We’ve been dealing with stock promoters and cheerleaders for decades now, and inevitably they’ll find their way to Nanalyze and quickly betray themselves. Even the most sophisticated of the lot (highly compensated analysts with strong subject matter expertise) quickly fall into an obvious trap. They’ll be unable to entertain any negative analysis of their sacred cow. When pushed to admit there are issues, they’ll always fall back on the classic “Tesla had the same problems too” claim. Ah yes, that old chestnut.

Companies with an easy-to-understand value proposition that have been spinning wheels for over a decade are suspicious right off the bat. It’s precisely why we’ll never invest in a company that doesn’t have meaningful revenues, with some exceptions made for companies dabbling in areas like gene editing. We were first introduced to Oramed (ORMP) by some actors on our YouTube channel who couldn’t help namedropping the stock in every other sentence. So, we decided to have a look.

About Oramed Pharmaceuticals

Originally incorporated in 2002 as a mineral exploration company, the shell that Oramed Pharmaceuticals crawled into became a pharmaceutical company “engaged in the development of innovative pharmacological solutions” starting in 2006 with

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