Digital Medicine

Is iRhythm Stock a Buy at Today’s Prices?

For quality tech stocks that have traction, the original thesis doesn’t change much over time. Sometimes, a good company will have a bad quarter, and the stock price will drop -30%, presenting a possible buying opportunity. That’s how we ended up holding shares of Alteryx and Splunk, two purchases that were quite hypocritical considering how […]

6 AI Healthcare Solutions for Remote Patient Monitoring

It’s no secret that big tech companies like Amazon (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT), and Alphabet (GOOG), the parent company of Google, are investing in digital healthcare. The market opportunity is pretty enticing when you consider that the U.S. alone spent $3.65 trillion on healthcare just last year. Google made the latest headline-grabbing move when it announced […]

5 IoT Healthcare Devices and Platforms for Digital Care

There are some trends out there that are hard to explain. Consider that the music video Gangnam Style has gotten more than 3.2 billion views on YouTube, probably making more money than the top-10 AI startups in South Korea combined. Some are much easier to explain, like everyone suddenly wanting to be a ganjapreneur and […]

9 Examples of Digital Medication and Smart Pills

Time flies when you’re having fun, and we realized that it’s been over four years since we first wrote about a company named Proteus Digital Health which has now grown up to become a beautiful, mature unicorn. It’s actually been a unicorn since 2014, and most recently made news with the world’s first FDA approved digital medicine, a pill called […]

6 Blood Testing Startups to be the Next Theranos

It’s not easy to make it in today’s business world. Why do you think we have so many MBAs writing for us? The chance of becoming the next Uber or next Apple is infinitesimally small. Anecdotally, we all understand that most startups fail, but the bright minds at CB Insights finally started putting some hard […]

Eyenovia Reinvents the Pipette Eyedropper

We’re in an era where we can edit genes to create nanobots and read people’s minds onto chips, yet some things haven’t changed much. The light bulb, the mousetrap, the hypodermic needle, and the eye dropper have all stayed the same since there isn’t any pressing need to change what already works. In the case of […]

Is The Adherium IPO a Threat to Propeller Health?

We talked about how the “Internet of Things” (IoT)” is going to connect everything around us and at the same time create massive amounts of information that can be analyzed and acted upon. The market for “digitally enabled medicine” is creating opportunities for companies such as Proteus with their digital medicine and Propeller Health with their “intelligent […]

Will a NantHealth IPO Happen in 2015?

In a June 2014 article, we highlighted a company called NantHealth, led by Patrick Soon-Shiong who is the wealthiest American in the healthcare industry having amassed a fortune of $7.2 billion for building and selling  Abraxis Biosciences and American Pharma Partners. NantHealth is building what is referred to as the “clinical operating system” (cOS) which promises to revolutionize cancer treatment through aggregating and analyzing […]

Will NANTHEALTH Revolutionize the U.S. Healthcare System?

In evaluating the merits of a company, one promising indication of future success is to look at the pedigree of the company’s leadership. This is where most over-the-counter stocks fail miserably, and this is also where success can beget further success for tenured executives who have proven their talents for creating value. One man, Patrick […]