Quantum Computing Stocks Are Having a Moment

August 8. 2021. 10 mins read

Quantum computing is like high school sex. Everyone says they’re doing it because they think everyone else is. For the few that are, it’s not as great as they say it is. And the only people that actually know how to do it properly are the teachers who never really talk about it.

That old joke works better with quantum computing than any other technology. Like fusion and molten salt reactors, quantum computing is always five to ten years away. Every so often, some company dabbling in the stuff will make some big announcement, so we’ll do our yearly update and lament how nothing ever happens. Will this time be any different?

A List of Quantum Computing Stocks

In trying to come up with a name for this article, we noticed that a lot of people are looking for a list of quantum computing stocks to invest in, or even “the best” quantum computing stock to invest in. Try to ask Google for a list of quantum computing stocks and you’re likely to be fed some Foolish list of stocks like this:

A bad Foolish list of quantum computing stocks
Credit: Google search

The person who put that list together is no slouch. He’s a registered investment advisor, he owns his own cons

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